5 Out-of-The-Box Tips for Running Form

Here are 5 out-of-the-box things that may help you with your running form. I coach from my own experience – not from what I think I’m supposed to tell you “by the book.” That said, the following is, indeed, based on traditional technique, but worded in my own way. 😉

We, humans, were literally born to run, but generations of “progression” have actually taken us further from our natural biomechanics and in-part created an “epidemic” of humans with jacked form. Many of us are helped by corrective shoes, but if you’re a runner, we want to get back to the most minimalist of gear. Sometimes, there’s so much information about the “correct” way to run that we tend to overthink it and learn to mistrust our own intuition. Running is, actually, pretty simple, but we insist on complicating it. Here are 5 broad concepts (or) abstract tools to keep in your back pocket when it comes to wrapping your mind around your running form.
1️⃣ • IDEAS • Listen to this podcast 🎧 Tony Riddle Wants you to Rewild Yourself – The Rich Roll Podcast:
2️⃣ • LOOK • Buy a selfie tripod and video yourself running with the Coaches Eye App 🎥 Coach’s Eye – Video Analysis by TechSmith Corporation.
3️⃣ • EARTH • Let your skin make contact with the Earth again. Run barefoot on sand or soft grass regularly  🏖 Ever notice how carefree a child running on the beach looks? It’s because their running form is perfect! This will mimic your childhood form – before all the nonsense of modern life screwed your naturally perfect form. How did modern life screw up your form? Everything – sitting in chairs, sitting in cars, walking on pavement, etc.
4️⃣ • PERCEPTION • Practice “mindfulness.” Then, incorporate these concepts (into your entire life), but also into staying present while running and, thus, assessing your form moment-by-moment. 🧘🏼‍♀️ Mindfulness means living in the present moment – not trying to imagine the future or pointlessly ruminating in the past. If we stay present while running, we remain cognizant of whether or not our form is slipping. Mindfulness. Running Form.
5️⃣ • TIME • ⏳ Let’s assume you’ve done plenty of homework and due diligence around running form. You’ve watched lots of Sandi Nypaver videos, you’ve scrutinized running form diagrams, you’ve had a podiatrist assess your pronation, you’re doing strength training to retrain weak running muscles, you’ve acquired appropriate footwear, etc. If you’ve got your ducks in a row, and you’ve committed to being an open-to-learning student of running form, then be patient. Running form biomechanics often correct themselves with repetition – provided that you’re practicing good form.

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