Why Coach Waldrop LOVES Trails

I believe a body in motion and a soul connected to nature makes a happy human. Back when I considered myself a "road runner" it boggled my mind that anyone could run on trails at all. But, with time, I developed the technique and skill that seems to keep the wipeouts to a relative minimum.... Continue Reading →

Running Salton Sea

There’s someone in your life that needs you more than you’ll ever know. There’s no such thing as personal problems. If we allow another to fall, we’ve let ourselves fall because fulfillment is never found in that next payoff. Instead, it resides in the support we extend to one another on this unlikely journey called... Continue Reading →

Surviving Arrowhead 135

You begin to intermittently sleepwalk, but to fall asleep exposed and wet is a death sentence for anyone in this apathetically austere environment. So, you’re faced with the decision to keep going and hope you won’t fall asleep suddenly (or) like most, you very quickly ‘Bivy’ (a tiny one-person tent-shaped, not unlike, a coffin). The... Continue Reading →

Mindful Movement: A Chiropractic Clinic

The Winter's in full swing, which means in-store clinics, and we have a very special one coming up! Dr. Mackenzie Smith will be coming in to talk to us about "Mindful Moving" on Saturday, January 18! Dr. Mackenzie graduated with her DC from New York Chiropractic College. In addition to the academic requirements of the... Continue Reading →

Being Your Own Coach

I love coaching and being coached. It’s a one-of-a-kind relationship where you share your trials and triumphs. But not all of us (reality check – MOST OF US) can afford nor see the point in seeking out a personal coach for our running. Even if you are, or plan on being a "serious runner," you... Continue Reading →

Coach Waldrop’s Cold Weather Tips

Some of my thoughts on venturing into the cold this winter as I prepare for The Arrowhead 135 race in January... Cold Acclimation – Teach your body (slowly) to not "freak out" when you encounter bitter cold. The book Becoming the Iceman by Wim Hof & Justin Rosales is a great place to start. Cold... Continue Reading →

Winter Run Group Schedule Announced!

Trail running is back, along with some exciting all-new clinic concepts, for this winter! Winter 2020 Kickoff Event Thurs Dec 5 at 6p: Winter 2019-2020 New Balance RDU Run Group Kickoff Event! 5-7 pm Dec 5th. Come in any time to meet RRCA Coach Scott Waldrop. 6-6:30 pm formal run group introduction with a quick... Continue Reading →

There’s Always a Way Out

If you’re struggling with anything – be it weight, alcohol, diet, habits, or relationships –  know and trust there’s a way through whatever the problem seems to be. I say it can be distilled down to three basic principles. ALWAYS AN OUT – Never think there’s no way out. It may take time and patience. Remember... Continue Reading →

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