The Bigfoot 200

This photo is of me getting some barefoot running in on the beach last week – some easy, last-minute training for my big race of the summer. I’m running the Bigfoot 200 this week. It’s a 200-mile foot race through the Cascade Mountain Range around Mount Saint Helens in Washington State. The location also bears... Continue Reading →

Charlie Engel is Running 27 Hours Nonstop & You Can Join

I just got back from Badwater 135 where I was being the “Crew Chief” for my buddy Joshua Stevens who came in 16th place ­with a near medical DNF (did not finish) at mile 50. Now, I’m embarking again to the west. This time, it’s to run The Bigfoot 200 ­– a continuous point-to-point foot... Continue Reading →

Two Steps to Healthy Living

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates There it is folks. The most integral piece to our modern world’s health confusion has been lost in its simplicity. I’d suggest its folly to think the past 2,389 have been all progress. The more we industrialize, the more we seem to forget... Continue Reading →

Running Injury Prevention Simplified

Rule 1: Do not over-train 👉 Signs of over-training = decreased performance, excessive fatigue, agitation, and moodiness. Rule 2: Get enough sleep 👉 Sleep is essential for restoring the body. It offers recovery from fatigue and works to repair your body and restore energy. When you sleep, your body rebuilds from training, consolidates memories, and can maximize... Continue Reading →

Trail Running 101

MINDFUL: Always stay mindful of rocks & roots. The second you start letting your mind wander you will trip. SHOES: Get trail-specific shoes. Don’t learn the hard way that Nike Free’s, while they are wonderful shoes, are like wearing banana peels on trails. You need something with traction. FUEL: Don’t get stranded without food and... Continue Reading →

Summer Trail Running is Back!

Mary & are bringing back our Trail Running Series for this summer! I love trail running for three reasons: Different Biomechanics – you’re not pounding on the same flat surface as you would be on asphalt, so your body isn’t taking nearly as much of a punishment.  No Right Angles – getting away from the... Continue Reading →

One Year Ago Today

I’m very open about the fact that running was instrumental in helping me out of a dark place. Through sharing my own story, it has been seen by more people than I ever expected. When Rebekah Barricklow, race director for the “Run Like a Mother 5k,” reached out wanting to share the story of her... Continue Reading →

21 Must-Dos for Running Recovery

Look. I’m no doctor, but I do things with my body most doctors can’t do. So, you choose - if I’m selling snake 🐍 oil here or not 😁. I run a lot and often. This isn’t for everyone, and I don’t purport this to, necessarily, be a wise nor sustainable practice. That said, many... Continue Reading →

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