Your Guide to Post-Race Recovery

I ran The Pinhoti 100-miler in Alabama last weekend, rather, on a whim. I was on a waitlist to get into the race, and I was accepted last-minute. That said, I had to do it with no crew and make sure I took care of myself. Here is how I plan my quick recovery plan... Continue Reading →

The Impact of Goal Setting

This week’s blog is on goals and how we stay on track with them. Not just any goals, but the goals that push us way beyond our comfort – goals that redefine what we believe what is possible… GOALS THAT RAISE OUR AMBITIONS. This is all about manifesting dreams into reality, but not just dreaming…dreaming... Continue Reading →

Turkey Trot Time

Here’s me acting goofy in my RRCA gear in front of the new community center at Joyner Park (Wake Forest). For us local athletes, there is a free gym in there that looks AMAZING, from what I can see. Anyway... Did you know New Balance RDU has an annual Turkey Trot 5k, 8k, and 1-mile... Continue Reading →

Fall Race Gear

Here is some gear I find essential. Some of it because it’s just incredibly comfortable, some of it because it keeps me lightweight, and some of it because keeps me injury-free. I feel it’s necessary to also state that I don’t represent brands solely based on the idea that they lend me credibility or clout... Continue Reading →

Fall Run Group is Back!

FALL KICKOFF WED SEPT 25th at 5:30 PM – LOOK FOR THE NEW BALANCE TENT in the parking lot of what will soon be our new Raleigh store Location: 1101 Mercantile Dr. Suite 100, Midtown East Shopping Center, Raleigh, NC 27609 The New Balance RDU Run Group is back for our fall 2019 season. We’ll... Continue Reading →

Run for the Fallen

Why do you run? There are so many of us who would like to but don’t, can’t, won’t, would, or will. Just seeing someone running on the sidewalk can be inspiring! You never know who you’re reaching simply by "being the change you want to see." I started running ultra-marathons a few years back and... Continue Reading →

The Present is a Gift – Live in It

What if Everything goes right?! The brain usually doesn’t ask this. It usually goes for the opposite sort of question. Projecting forward is how anxiety occurs. We tend to catastrophize things. We start thinking things like, "What if I don’t get this job? And then if I don’t get this job, what if I can’t... Continue Reading →

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