Running Salton Sea

There’s someone in your life that needs you more than you’ll ever know. There’s no such thing as personal problems. If we allow another to fall, we’ve let ourselves fall because fulfillment is never found in that next payoff. Instead, it resides in the support we extend to one another on this unlikely journey called life. We can’t go it alone. No matter how tough we are, how independent we feel, or how reclusive we make ourselves, we humans are wired to thrive walking and working together. Friends are our chosen family – the ones we allow to get close, mentor us, trust, and be available for no matter what.

So, maybe we can’t help that sibling that doesn’t want to be helped, that parent whose children’s love isn’t enough to save them from themselves, or that friend trapped in spiraling mental illness who just can’t be reached. But there are plenty of friends you don’t know you have – friends who are ready for that help you so desperately want to give. If not for your loved one, help another’s. This is humanity working together.

In the spirit of this idea, my Herren Project teammate Chad Prichard and I will be running Badwater Salton Sea together  – 80 miles in the desert run entirely together (not a relay), and only a few feet from one another the entire race. This is a perfect metaphor for recovery, working through the hard moments together, communicating, checking in, helping, being helped, and battening down the egos together in an act of solidarity to show what’s possible when we’re willing to show up for one another. All proceeds of this fundraiser will benefit Herren Project – helping individuals and their families with treatment navigation and family support services, as well as bringing awareness to substance use prevention.

Chad’s Story:

Scott’s Story:

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