Your Guide to Post-Race Recovery

I ran The Pinhoti 100-miler in Alabama last weekend, rather, on a whim. I was on a waitlist to get into the race, and I was accepted last-minute. That said, I had to do it with no crew and make sure I took care of myself. Here is how I plan my quick recovery plan for ultramarathons, or any endurance racing, for that matter. This is a quick checklist I go through. I’ll preface this by saying, first and foremost, SLEEP is the most key element to recovery, gains, and overall health…

☐ SHAKE: Have a protein shake ready to down RIGHT after you’re done moving. This can be very difficult on a nauseous stomach but WELL worth it. I’ve been using Tailwind recovery.

☐ CBD OIL: Take it regularly before and after performing. The science is not in at all, but Mary & I take it and it has clearly increased our recovery time. Check out for more info.

☐ WHOLE FOODS MEAL: Eat a big recovery meal soon after you’re done performing. Mine looks something like a big bowl of brown rice, sweet potato, quinoa, and Brussels sprouts.

☐ WATER: Keep a big jug of water around you (bedside), and drink it until your pee is normal color again.

☐ TYLENOL: After you’re done racing, there’s no shame in pain relief, especially if it helps you sleep. I keep it at bedside along with my water jug after ultras, as I’ll inevitably wake up in the middle of the night inflamed and still dehydrated.

☐ EPSOM SALT: I take an Epsom salt bath before sleeping after races.

☐ ICE PACKS: After I do the heat therapy with Epsom salt, I get ice in my muscles. It can be as simple as ice cubes in a Ziplock bag, or any number of very effective icing products they have on the market – just check out the part of your pharmacy where they sell ace bandages and icy hot.

☐ SLEEP! This is the MAIN thing!!!

☐ WALKING: Don’t sit around too much. Walk around on your soar muscles if you can.

☐ FOAM ROLL/MASSAGE: Stimulate the blood flow over the next few days by getting your myofascial worked out.

☐ CROSS TRAIN: Once you’re not “wrecked” anymore get back at maintaining your endurance with low impact training, such as cycling, elliptical, or swimming. Also, get into doing hip routines.

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