Fall Race Gear

Here is some gear I find essential. Some of it because it’s just incredibly comfortable, some of it because it keeps me lightweight, and some of it because keeps me injury-free. I feel it’s necessary to also state that I don’t represent brands solely based on the idea that they lend me credibility or clout as an athlete. The truth is, once you start getting into this sort of ‘survival ultra’ realm – or whatever you wanna call the things I do (lol) – gear gets pricey. I solicited the brands I rep because I love them (including New Balance RDU) and was spending my money on their products anyway – no lie! This is the gear I wore (mostly) at Yeti 100-miler this September where I PR-ed (personal record) by 2.5 hours. Yes. Of course, a lot of this was experience, mental, and physical conditioning, and another big factor was that I kept myself light.

  1. New Balance FuelCell Shoes – OK. So, I’m primarily a trail ultra-marathon runner, and these are, technically, ‘sprinter’ shoes. The fact is, if you’re running with proper form, are not prone to injury, and dig a light minimalistic shoe, these things are the absolute bomb. Wow! I feel like I need emojis to express how much I love these shoes because words defy them justice. The fact is they are super comfortable and weigh almost nothing. They remind me somewhat of a Nike free (flyknit) in their lightness and uber midfoot flexion. Incredible construction and materials.


  1. UltrAspire Alpha 4.O Race Vest – Man! I can’t say how proud I am to rep for this company and watch how much UltrAspire is growing. They essentially create lights and packs very specifically catered to ultra-runners. That said, if you like wearing a pack to keep your water on the trail or road, this thing is it. Lightweight, incredible attention to detail and much thought was put into the design of this thing. Just start running with it and you’ll see what I mean. You can reach almost all the pockets while your running without taking the vest off.


  1. New Balance Dry Shorts – Dare I wear short shorts? I do. I do, and these are my favorite because they’re super short, supportive, and wick moisture wonderfully because of NB Dry technology. It wicks moisture away to help keep you dry while warming up and cooling down. My go-to’s are the Impact Split 3 Inch Short / Impact 5 Inch Short.


  1. NB Dry shirts – super comfortable, dry out well, no chafing, no bloody nips (sorry had to go there but it’s important info).


  1. XOSKIN™ XOTOES™ Toe Socks – Yes, this a New Balance Blog and I indeed dig and wear NB’s socks for everyday running. The other brands I Ambassador for (such as UltrAspire and Xoskin make *extremely* niche gear expressly created for ultrarunners. So, these handmade toe socks. They’re created with RAPIDriCOPPER™ which reduces odor, promotes skin wellness, protects against chafing and blistering, wicks moisture at extreme speed, dries fast and maximizes the comfort of any activity. Bottom line – these socks are comfortable, and they keep your feet intact. There’s a reason they’re being seen so much at all the races I attend. Everyone’s getting hip to these things being the quintessential ultra-runner/trail sock.

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