Tips for Improving Your Trail Racing PR

Looking to get a better time on your next trail race? I just knocked 2.5 hours off of my 100-miler PR last weekend at Yeti 100. Now, given this is a fast course, I had a breakthrough realization that my mind and its choices were slowing me down less than my actual body. So, here are some takeaways:
Travel light. Only take what you need between aid stations. Our brain tries to convince us we either won’t survive or won’t be comfortable between 6 miles! Don’t let the brain win. Go minimal!
Don’t screw around in aid stations. Aid stations are the devil! Get only what you need quickly, and get out of there like fire! If you spend 10 minutes at 6 aid stations, that’s an entire hour off your time.
Mitigate catastrophic stuff before it happens. Sip water before you’re thirsty, and eat before you’re hungry. If you feel leg cramps creeping up, they’re definitely on the way – stop (super fast) and take a stretch break.
Never lose focus of going forward. Every time you stop for 5 minutes, someone is going 5 minutes farther ahead of you. To catch up, you’ve got to make up not only the time you’ve lost by being idle but the time they’ve gained.
Don’t stop running. You may need to get your heart rate down, but be very mindful of only allowing for recovery – then get to shuffling again. That shuffle always turns into a jog, then a run. Don’t allow your legs to think “it’s over.” You may have to stop for a snake or to ask a piker if they’re okay, but force yourself to shuffle – it’ll turn back into running!
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