Coach Waldrop’s [Hidden] Key to Health

There’s a hidden ingredient to the popular consensus on health. Exercise, food, and (AND I say) meditation are the three things I find key to keeping my health & happiness alive.
You don’t have to go “this far,” but for me to be my better version, I ultimately gave up alcohol, dairy, and meat. No. You don’t need to do this. No. I don’t belong to a cult 😆. I’m just a rather black & white person, and extremes tend to be easier for me to adhere to. That’s not to say I cannot “become” someone who navigates gray areas because I do believe in growth. I also believe I have a propensity for addictive behavior, so I remain very mindful and vigilant as to whether I’m growing or reverting.
Now, I’ll make this more relatable to everyone – my health & happiness took off when I chose to really embrace healthy habits over the unhealthy. However, there was one piece of the puzzle that really took everything to the next level – MEDITATION. I want to mention that my iPhone took it upon itself to autocorrect the aforementioned word to “Medication,” and I almost didn’t catch it 🤣. Wow! There’s wrong and then there’s REALLY wrong! I digress. OMG…I think I’m done laughing here.

I believe one of life’s great truths is that there is enough wealth for everyone. There’s enough abundance to go around. Sharing our knowledge and connecting with people comes back full circle ⭕️. We don’t need to hide information, thinking someone’s going to get a leg up on us. So, why would I hoard my favorite YouTube meditations, which have been so helpful to me? Doing this 5-10 minutes each morning and then once in the afternoon changed my life even more, after I had already changed my life! It helped me, in part, to overcome a lot of negative, depressive, and anxious thoughts. They never totally go away, but at least I’m quicker to catch them now. The only wrong way to meditate is to not try. And, don’t worry if you can’t clear your thoughts – you’re not supposed to!
Oh yeah. One more thing! My wife Mary meditates too! So, here’s a photo of us pretending to meditate…in New Balance shirts…taken by professional photographer Sr. Selfie Tripod the 4th. Yes. We’ve gone through 4 selfie tripods. OK. Enough monkey mind! Who’s ready to meditate?!
My favorite guided meditations:
• Five-minute guided meditation for any time

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